Salary Surveys

Leading, Matching or Lagging the Market?

Whether you want to know if your compensation plan is leading, matching or lagging the market or whether you are determining pay for a unique job or developing a compensation plan from scratch, you need accurate salary information that matches employees like yours who are doing jobs like yours in your industry and locations.

Determining pay for a unique job or developing a compensation plan? Your solution is LaborTek compensation data. For each position surveyed you will receive a detailed report that highlights the six most critical categories of more than 250 compensable factors - such as years of experience, budget, special certifications or skills - that actually drive market pay. Each report includes:

  • Compensation influencer charts that show how experience level, company size, education level and other attributes impact pay
  • Salary, bonus, benefits and hourly wage data
  • Data source summary shows how closely the data in your report match your search criteria
  • Individual anonymous profiles that show you details of up to 10 positions that were used to calculate the salary range.

LaborTek Will Then:

  • Create market pay ranges to enable you identify the employees who are in and out of range
  • Provide you with solutions to deal with employees who are in and out of range.
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