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LaborTek has the expertise of recruiting for trades, logistics, manufacturing, clerical, professional and executive placements and offers a wide variety of recruitment options that help organizations find and identify those prospective employees who will make a valuable contribution to their business:

LaborTek permanent staffing solution – LaborTek assists organizations in staffing key positions throughout the whole recruitment process from profiling the position to selecting the best candidate. Organizations gain a competitive advantage through efficiency and reduced costs in recruitment.

LaborTek contractual and temporary staffing solution – Whether you need to cover a leave, staff your project team to meet looming deadlines or for a specific project, LaborTek helps organizations find the highly skilled term, direct placement and contract professionals at a moment’s notice.

Solutions for your Recruitment Needs:

Contractual Recruiting requires an employee to remain on LaborTek payroll for duration of a contract, until the contract ends. During the contract period, LaborTek will pay the vacations pay at 4%, statutory holidays and WSIB and provide all the necessary administrative/HR duties including: selection process, interviews, testing, safety training, back ground checks and more (*based on the clients requirement*). We are fully responsible for the candidate during the contract. If at any time, the client is not satisfied with the candidates’ work performance, the employment contract with the employee is terminated and a replacement employee is assigned within a reasonable timeframe.

Temporary to Permanent Positions provide employers with all the same benefits as a contractual agreement, but with a small difference. Employees remain on Labor Teks’ payroll for determined period of time. However, after the set period of time has elapsed, the employer may choose to hire the employee at no extra cost to the employer.

Finder Fee/Direct Hire are fees that are charged to clients to find that perfectly, skilled candidate. Finders’ fee is a percentage charged to the employer based on the annual yearly salary paid to an employee. We cover all recruiting aspects in order to find you your suitable candidate (references, police check/back ground check/ testing /3 step interview process, etc.; based upon the client(s) requirements). Once a candidate is selected and hired by a client, a client will have a 60 day replacement guarantee should a client not be satisfied with the employee’s work performance. LaborTek will find a replacement candidate within a reasonable time frame.

For your staffing needs in Trades, Logistics, Manufacturing, Professional, Executive, and Clerical

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