These are the questions that most of our assignment employees ask us.
If you have a question which is not answered here, do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I get work with Labor Tek?

You first need to register with Labor Tek. Sending your resume does not mean that you are registered with us. To be registered with Labor Tek you first need to go through our registration process.

We have two divisions; the Industrial and Trades Division and the Clerical, Professional and Executive division all located at 1370 Triole Street. We recruit for temporary, permanent and contractual positions for a wide range of clients operating in sectors as broad as construction, warehousing, customer service, manufacturing, non-profit, financial, government, IT, retail, etc. We place candidates according to the requirements of our clients. Even if we do not have a job opening that matches your skills or goals, we encourage you to send us a copy of your resume. We will retain it for future reference in the event that a position requiring your skill sets becomes available.

If you are already registered with Labor Tek and have passed all our tests and required background checks, and if a position matching your qualifications and experience becomes available, one of our consultants will contact you and provide you with all the information pertaining to that job opening. It’s then up to you to accept or refuse. If you accept we will send out your resume to our client. Confirmation of employment follows only if our client wants to hire you. If our client cancels the assignment, or chooses another candidate, we notify you immediately.

How do I register with Labor Tek?

You can register with us by using the “Send your resume” menu or apply directly to a job posting in the “Job Search” menu or by fax. Our consultant will contact you within four business days to arrange for an interview. If your skills do not directly match our current openings, we will save your résumé and consider your skills when future requirements arise. If you apply directly to a posting, your résumé and skill profile will be forwarded to the Consultant in charge of recruiting for this position. The Consultant will review your skills and experience against the position requirements, and contact you if there is a match.

Is there a fee associated with registering with Labor Tek?

There is no fee to register with us. It’s the client who pays any fees or charges associated with our services. In Canada, “Applicant Paid Fees” are illegal.

Are all candidates interviewed?

As part of our commitment to offering quality service to our clients, we guarantee that every candidate placed has been interviewed in person at Labor Tek. In the rare circumstances that a candidate, whose profile matches the position to be filled, is a person who lives at a significant distance, we will interview the person using a webcam and we always inform our client that the person was not met at our office.

If you register with our Industrial side, the process takes between 2½ to 3 hours during which you:

  1. fill out our registration form,
  2. watch safety videos,
  3. review our Health and Safety Manual
  4. are interviewed by one of our consultants
  5. go through a series of on-line tests that are conducted to evaluate your cognitive knowledge in your areas of expertise

If you register with our professional side, the process takes as long except that you do not watch safety videos and review the same Health and Safety manual.

This registration doesn’t replace the classroom training, if required of you to do your work assignment.

Do you provide training to candidates?

For certain industrial positions we offer classroom training in Working at Heights. We also provide additional safety training as required for certain job assignments.

Do you test candidates?

Candidates for employment go through two different sets of tests depending on who you register with. If you register with our Industrial side, you will be tested after viewing the safety videos and our clients’ orientation videos and PowerPoint presentations. If you register with our professional side, you will go through a series of on-line tests targeted to your skills sets using PROVEIT SOFTWARE.

Does Labor Tek do security clearances?

Yes. We do 2 levels of security clearance – Enhanced and Secret. Please contact one of our CSOs to obtain information on how to obtain one.

What’s the difference between a security clearance and a criminal check?

They are both background checks but are very different in essence.

Security clearances are done by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) and are required to work for most positions in the Federal government.

A criminal check is done by the police station in your community or any other organization specializing in background checks. It is required by most private sector clients. A criminal check can be done by yourself at the police station of your community OR Labor Tek can process your criminal check for a minimal fee. We require 2 picture IDs (except the Health Card). If you can’t have a criminal record, we can still find you employment. During the interview our consultants will inform you of your different options.

Can I work within the Federal Government even if I don’t have a security clearance?

To work within the Federal Government candidates need to have a valid security clearance. The one most frequently requested is at the Enhanced level. If you don’t qualify for a security clearance, we have several other opportunities elsewhere for you.

Am I paid the same rate for all assignments?

No. The pay rate varies according to the job and the client. You might be doing the same job but at a different pay rate for a different client.

Am I allowed to phone Labor Tek to mention that I am available for work?

Yes. Actually we encourage our assignment employees to communicate their availability for work to us on a regular basis.

Timecard / Payroll Processing / Payment deposit

1) Timecards are completed on a weekly basis and indicate the number of hours that you have worked in that week for the same employer. Our work week starts at 00:01 am on Sunday and ends at 12:00 pm on Saturday. You have to indicate your hours worked and get your manager or supervisor to sign your timecard for approval. Some clients have their own spread sheet or punch card. In which case you only have to record your hours worked and the client will forward their document to us.  You will be notified of this when you are given your work assignment should this be the case.

If you work for different clients in the same week, you need to complete as many timecards as the number of clients you have worked for in that week. The deadline for submitting timecards is Tuesday at 10:00 am.

The following information absolutely needs to be included in each and every timecard: Your name, the name of the company you worked for, the site where you worked at including the City/Province ie. Ottawa / Quebec. The name of the person you reported to, the days of the week you worked, the time you started work and ended work in the morning, the time you started work after lunch and the time you ended your workday. If you have any doubt, please consult your employment kit which was remitted to you upon registration with Labor Tek or call our office.

Lunch hours should not be included in the total # of hours worked as lunch is not paid time. The law prescribes that you are entitled to a minimum of 30 minutes of lunch/diner break after a maximum of 5 hours of work. If your employer agrees to pay you for your lunch, you need to indicate on your timecard “NO LUNCH”. This has to be signed by your manager/ supervisor. If this is not done, Labor Tek will automatically deduct 30 minutes of your work time per day after 5 hours of work.

Once completed and signed by both you and your manager or supervisor, the timecard can be dropped at our Triole office, faxed to us at 613-741 1130 or scanned and emailed to Labor Tek Payroll Officer – jbkelly@labortek.com. If you fax or email your timecards, you have to mail to us the original every 3 weeks or drop them off at our Triole Office.

Your time card absolutely has to be sign by the manager or supervisor to whom you report. It is your responsibility to ensure that your time card is signed. Unsigned timecard will not be processed. If you have any doubt, please call our office for clarification.

2) Payroll is processed every Tuesday. The deadline for submitting time cards for the period is Tuesday at 10:00 am. Pay day is Friday. Payment of time worked is always a week behind. All time cards need to be signed by your manager or supervisor.

3) Pay (direct deposit or cheque) – If you have given us a void cheque at the time of registration, your pay will be deposited to your account. Otherwise a cheque will be mailed to the address provided to us.

If you have chosen the option of being paid by cheque, you need to allow 3 to 4 additional business days as we have no control over the speed of delivery of Canada Post. Please ensure that we are provided with a change of address as soon as possible should you move to avoid any delays in receiving your pay cheque.

Are there any reasons I might not receive my pay?

Payments can be delayed if timecards are not received on time or if misleading information is provided. If you experience a delay, fax or re-fax your timecard and call us to confirm that we received it. We will then pay you on the following Friday with your next pay.

Will you provide a confirmation of earnings letter if I need one?

Yes, we can provide a Confirmation of Earnings letter if you request one. All you have to do is call our office at 613-741-1128.

What happens if my personal data or contact details change?

Any change in your personal data and/or contact details – i.e. change of address, change of financial institution, etc. – needs to be communicated to us immediately. You can send us an email or contact our office. We follow the PIPEDA law when handling your personal information.

Am I entitled to overtime pay?

According to Ontario employment law, overtime is typically paid after 44 hours have been worked in one weekly pay period. There are however some exceptions to these hours for typical jobs such as: landscaping, transport, road construction, etc. Eligibility for overtime pay is determined on a case-by-case basis depending upon each assignment, your duties and terms of employment with Labor Tek. Under no circumstances will you be entitled to overtime pay unless your overtime work has been authorized in advance by your contact person at Labor Tek.

Am I entitled to vacation pay?

You are entitled to 4% of vacation pay. This amount is not included in your weekly pay. We retain this amount until the time you inform us that you want your vacation pay paid to you. If you resign from Labor Tek the outstanding amount of your vacation pay is automatically paid to you.

Am I entitled to statutory holiday pay?

Labor Tek pays statutory holidays according to the provisions of the Employment Standard Act in Ontario. We suggest that you consult the Employment Standard Act if you require additional information about payment (frequency and amount) of statutory holidays.

Do I have control over the amount of taxes withheld?

There are certain circumstances that allow an individual to qualify for an increase in his or her basic claim amount for Federal and Provincial taxation. Likewise, an individual may require additional taxes to be deducted from his or her payroll. If you feel that you qualify for either of these changes in taxation, go to Revenue Canada web site and fill out a TD1 form and forward it to us.

When do I receive my T-4?

We issue and mail T-4s once a year. It is important that you notify us of a change of address before February 10th each year to ensure that your T-4 gets to you. T-4s are available for pick-up at the Triole office on the last week of February. T-4s not pick-up are mailed February 28 without any exception.


When do I get my Records of Employment (ROE)?

Labor Tek will issue you with a ROE when your employment agreement with Labor Tek ends with or without cause. If you resign from Labor Tek, we ask that you send us a resignation letter.

How can I reactivate my file?

The process of reactivating your file varies according to the last time you worked for Labor Tek or was registered with Labor Tek. If you worked for Labor Tek or was registered with Labor Tek in the last 6 months, a simple phone call suffices. If you have been in our databank more than 6 months, you need to re-register with us. We suggest that you send us an updated resume and book an appointment with one of our consultants.

Where are you located?

We currently have 1 office located in Ottawa. Our address is 1370 Triole Street. Ottawa, ON.

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