Development of Policies & Procedures

Uniformity and Efficiency

Developing and implementing corporate policies provides corporations with operational consistency across all departments. It’s key to the profitability of an organization that every employee – new and existing - follows them effectively. Running an organization with well-documented policies makes it possible to address issues and concerns with uniformity and efficiency.

Over 300 Corporate Policies

Comprehensive and up-to-date with legislation, we have over 300 generic corporate policies which have been developed for HR and business professionals. They aim at providing your organization with a set of guidelines to ensure workplace compliance, safety, acceptable behaviours; and more! They are grouped in 5 categories:

  • Employment - This category groups policies such as leave of absence, company dress code, travel policy, criminal and police record check, educational assistance policy, employee assistance program, discount policy, hiring policy etc.
  • Conduct & discipline - The policies in this category are meant to provide employees with in-depth information about management's expectations in regards to their performance and code of conduct while at work
  • Health & safety - This category encompases all policies pertaining to the employee's well-being while at work and what to do in case of emergency
  • Technology - Over the years, the policies in this category have taken momentum as they provide useful guidelines on the use of company's intellectual property
  • Corporate governance - This is another category which has also gained importance lately as more and more organizations want to be portrayed as transparent and giving back to the community

LaborTek will meet with management to understand your mission, vision, values, and business imperatives. We will also examine your existing policies. This phase is crucial as all policies developed need to be in alignment with your organization’s culture.

We then provide you with drafts of the policy manual for review and comment during the development cycle. Once completed and accepted, all documents are provided in both electronic and hardcopy form so that future revisions can be made and distributed by internal personnel. On demand, we can also coach your internal personnel on how to promote the new policies.

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