Customized Recruitment Combos

These are unique services targeted to reduce your HR operational costs for a set price. You can choose any of these services individually or choose a combo of services that best fit your staffing needs. For example, you can retain our service for profiling a specific job and developing an appealing recruitment advertisement only; or you can ask us to develop a competency-based interview questionnaire with a scoring grid for your interviews. We also assist you throughout the whole recruitment process from job profiling to providing you with the best 2 to 3 final candidates.

Job Profiling

Whether you want to staff a unique position or implement a performance management system or improve the efficiency of your staff, you need comprehensive and well defined job descriptions. Combining the 4 methods of analyzing jobs – observation, interviews, questionnaires and our generic job descriptions - LaborTek will profile or re-profile your positions and provide you with comprehensive job descriptions that are easy to use, interpret, and retrieve information from.

Drafting of Recruitment Advertisements

How many times have you come across a recruitment advertisement that lacks the “whoa effect” for attracting the right caliber candidates? LaborTek will extract from your job profile the relevant information and turn it into an appealing recruitment advertisement that will yield the quality of respondents that you want.

Networking & Headhunting

You want to recruit for a senior management position or a candidate with a specific set of skills and you require an organization that can use its networks of contacts to identify the most suitable candidate? LaborTek has affiliates in all the major cities in Canada each with a large databank of candidates that can be tapped into.

Direct Hiring

This service is most appropriate if you have to fill one same position with more than one candidate or for a mass recruitment. We advertise your job openings on our website; we screen the applicants and provide you with all the applications that best match the positions to be filled. The only thing left to do is to select the right candidates from the pack.

Drafting of Competency-Based Interview Questionnaire

You want to evaluate the knowledge, skills, abilities and other attributes (KSAOs) of your job applicants but fail at asking the appropriate questions? LaborTek will design for you a competency based interview questionnaire, assign a weight to each competency, develop a scoring grid and teach you how to score each answer so as to arrive at an overall score for each interviewee. LaborTek will also assist you in choosing between the various methods of selection.

Testing of Candidates

The candidates that you interviewed presented themselves very well in the job interviews and you are particularly impressed by their answers. How will you make your choice? LaborTek administers over 250 tests that help employers make wise hiring decisions. We will recommend to you the most reliable and valid tests – personality, aptitude, cognitive ability or psychomotor - for the position you are hiring for.

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