Our Facilities

At Labor Tek Safety Training we strongly believe that the learning environment is of paramount importance for an effective learning experience. When the classroom is appealing and comfortable for participants, they become more relaxed, attentive and participative, and in turn, gain much more from the training.

Our Training Centre at Triole includes a classroom and a backyard where the hands-on training takes place. The classroom is an industrial type classroom with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems. Our comfortable seating arrangement, free access to parking and accessibility for the physically challenged makes it a recognizable place to experience great learning. The backyard allows participants to apply what 
they have learned in the classroom; whether it be driving a forklift, extinguishing a fire, cutting a log with a chainsaw or any other practice. This Training Centre has filled a huge void in the Ottawa area for training space and offers employers, employees, students and everyone requiring training an alternative to old, stuffy and boring training facilities.

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