Safety Consulting

Rapidly changing safety regulations, WSIB requirements, and even updates of the Criminal Code must all be taken into account when managing a business. This can prove time consuming on your resources and costly if your organization doesn’t comply. LaborTek assists companies in keeping up-to-date with all changes happening in the health and safety landscape by informing them immediately of any proposed and/or new piece of legislation.

Health and Safety Policies & Procedures

If you operate in a safety regulated industry, your Health and Safety Policies & Procedures absolutely need to be valid and current. LaborTek has formulated numerous health and safety policies and procedures and developed many health and safety manuals for its clients operating in various industries.

Workplace Safety Inspections

Regardless of your business environment, LaborTek Safety Consulting performs inclusive workplace safety inspections consisting of comprehensive detailed reports outlining safety breaches and conformities observed while surveying your workplace and recommendations for improvement and compliance. On demand, the inspection reports are accompanied by pictures for visual confirmation of safety issues observed. LaborTek Safety builds every report to satisfy the clients’ requirements for due diligence.

Where Safety Never Sleeps