BackAsbestos - Type 1 & 2 (Awareness)

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Asbestos poisoning is one of the leading causes of occupational death among workers. Workers working with or around asbestos must be made aware that asbestos is in the area, and understand how to protect themselves from asbestos poisoning. This course helps individuals recognize and understand asbestos hazards. It is designed to help employees and employers understand just how dangerous this natural fibre can be.

Course outline:

1. Legislative requirements for working with asbestos.

2. Asbestos characteristics.

3. Asbestos history.

4. The multipurpose uses of asbestos.

5. Health effects of asbestos.

6. Type 1 and 2 Asbestos work practices.

7. Medical reporting.

8. Selection, use and care of respirators.

Duration: 4 hours

Language option: English


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