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Course Details & Objectives

Legislation - CSA B335-15


Who needs this training?
It is a requirement for anyone who will be operating a Forklift.

Type of forklift licences:

Class 1: Electric counterbalanced forklift

Class 2: Electric Narrow Aisle forklift

Class 3: Pallett lift either electric or hand

Class 4: Propane or gaz counterbalanced forklift - Cushion Tire

Class 5: Propane or gaz counterbalanced forklift - Pneumatic Tire

Class 7: Rough Terrain Forklift, including the telehandler

Class6: Engine tractor (electric or propane/gaz)


Course Requirements:

1. CSA certified safety boots and eye protection.

2. Be dressed for outdoor hands-on training.


Course outline: 

LaborTek Safety Training offers three types of forklift training at different levels; Experienced, New Operator and Refresher. Participants at all levels go through the same first-day course which covers the theory only. The second day is only for the New Operator. 
If you would like to do a refresher, you need to have completed you previous forklift certification with us. Otherwise, you will have to register under the Experienced Operator level

Day one (Theory)

1. Legislation.

2. Lift truck features.

3. Safety equipment.

4. Stability.

5. Capacity and plate location.

6. Pre-operational inspection.

7. Start-up.

8. Traveling with and without a load.

9. Pedestrians.

10. Load selection, load pick up and placement.

11. Stacking and de-stacking.

12. Docks, trucks and rail cars.

13. Ramps and grades.

14. Elevators.

15. Workplace hazards.

16. Shut down.

17. Refueling and/or Charging.

Day two (Practical)

1. Full pre-start inspection walk-through.

2. Fuel source exchange demonstration.

3. Hands on training (usually done on a Class V Forklift).*


Duration: 2 days.


*New operators must demonstrate during testing acceptable handling techniques, loading & unloading procedures, awareness of the work area, backward traveling procedures and other driving skills.


Start Dates Schedule & Details Availability
2023-11-06 & 7 7:30 to 14:00 Register Now
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