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Course Details & Objectives

LaborTek Safety Training is a registered TSSA training provider. Our number is 000212088.


Who needs this training?
Propane CH-02 training is mandatory for anyone connecting, activating or disconnecting propane devices (400,000 BTU's or less). Although most employees will tell you they understand propane and know how to connect cylinders to heaters and torches, what they may not know are the legal details surrounding propane use at the 
job site

Course Requirement:

1. CSA certified safety boots and eye protection.

2. Be dressed for outdoor hands-on training.

Course outline:

1. Explain the different characteristics of propane.

2. Identify cylinder properties.

3. Explain the legal Requirements for propane training.

4. Demonstrate proper set-up procedures for construction heaters and torches.

5. Demonstrate proper handling procedures for forklift cylinders.

6. Recall safety features on propane cylinders.

7. Perform a hands-on evaluation.


Duration: 7 hours.
Language option: English. 

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