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Course Details & Objectives

Regulation: 632/05 O.Reg. Confined Space and Canada labour code Part II, section 11

Who needs this training?
This training session is a must for anyone working in a confined space environment.

Course Outline:
The course covers very relevant topics such as the identification of confined spaces, planning for an entry, inspection of equipment etc. Upon special request and site-specific requirements, a full-day Emergency Rescue Section can be added to this training course.

1. Understand the legislation dealing with work in a confined space environment.

2. Recognize a confined space when faced with one.

3. Identify the hazards associated with working in a confined space environment.

4. Understand the differences of working at multi-employers’ worksites.

5. Recall the steps of a rescue plan.


Disclaimer. Participants should be aware that the program presents hazard awareness and safe practice information only. It is an introductory program and not intended to fulfill the competency requirements or training for testing and assessing confined spaces. Onsite orientations are a must for effective hazard awareness.


Duration: 4 hours.
Language option: English.


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