About Us

Your Trusted Partner in the ICI staffing industry

Established in 1993 LaborTek started as a placement agency staffing organizations in the construction and manufacturing industries. From our humble beginning we have grown into becoming one of the leading recruitment consulting firms in the National Capital Region and beyond. We provide permanent, contractual and temporary staffing solutions to a wide range of clients operating in sectors as broad and diverse as retail, manufacturing, non-profit, government, property management, construction, and financial. Whether your staffing needs are for industrial and trades, clerical staff, professionals or executives, our two offices are uniquely positioned to provide you will fully qualified and trained employees.

At LaborTek you will be met by a team of qualified and experienced consultants who will strive to exceed your expectations. Whenever you have a position to fill, we will meet with you to understand your business environment and requirements and provide you with a customized solution tailored to your specific staffing need.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customized competitive staffing and HR consulting services by keeping in mind the expectations of our clients, employees, associates and partners. At LaborTek we strive to maintain our professional organizational goals with honesty and integrity while placing health and safety first.

Our values

At LaborTek we have deep-rooted values that we all strongly believe in and display with our clients, coworkers, employees, partners and associates.

Communication - Our approach to communication encompasses listening and responding pro-actively to the needs of our clients, associates, partners, employees and coworkers and promoting our services and mutual expertise at all times.

Respect - At LaborTek respect equates to keeping our words; acknowledging and valuing the opinions, values, diversity, physical and emotional status of our employees, coworkers, clients, partners and associates; interacting with an integral attitude through communication, work ethics, expectation and support.

Loyalty - At LaborTek we are truthful to the services we offer by upholding promises and agreements and making a handshake meaningful with our partners, employees, suppliers and clients.

Team work - At LaborTek teamwork means cooperating and communicating with each other with a shared expectation and a mutual understanding for a common goal.

Initiatives - Everyone working for and with LaborTek is encouraged to suggest new things, make decisions, and develop plans that will reflect our vision. We will carry out modifications and take actions on prospective business plans always for the good of the company.

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