.Powered Elevating Work Platform

Starting dates Schedule Disponibility
2020-11-16 8:00 to 14:30 Register
2020-12-14 8:00 to 14:30 Register

Course details and objectives

CSA Standards B354.1-04, B354.2 and B354.4.



As per the CSA Standards, operators of powered elevated work platforms must have received adequate oral and written instructions, complemented by hands-on training, before using a power elevated work platform. This course has been specially designed to conform to the CSA Standards requirements. Labor Tek Safety Training instructors are certified Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Instructors.


Course Requirement:

1. Ontario valid course of Working at Heights OR Basic Fall Protection

2. CSA certified safety boots and eye protection.

3. Be dressed for outdoor hands-on training.


Course Outline:
The full-day training first starts with basic theory and is complemented by a half day hands-on session with operators having to demonstrate proper handling techniques.

1. Understand the legislation impacting the use of PEWP.

2. Differentiate between types of equipment, and select the proper one.

3. Identify hazards related to the power elevated work platform. 

4. Explain the forces affecting stability and tipping.

5. Perform a basic equipment inspection.

6.  Hands-on with machinery to demonstrate proper handling techniques


Duration: 6.5 hours. 
Language option: English and French.