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Who needs this course?

This two day course that meets Canada Labour Code and WSIB requirements for workplaces with 6 or more employees per shift. The course provides clients with comprehensive training in over 25 first aid scenarios. This course is ideal for security staff, people working in the hospitality industry, contract workers, small offices, but also for any individual from every other fields.

Designed to meet industry, construction, business, and government requirements, Labor Tek Safety Training first aid courses are your assurance of quality, flexibility and expertise. 


LaborTek Safety Training follows the Ottawa Paramedic Services First Aid Program which is WSIB


Course outline:
The course includes core and elective lessons as well as a written exam. The elective lessons are chosen by instructors based on your needs.

Both the Standard First Aid and Emergency First Aid courses include five core lessons:

1. Emergency scene management.

2. Shock, unconsciousness, and fainting.

3. Choking (adult).

4. Cardiovascular emergencies and one-rescuer CPR (adult casualty).

5. Severe bleeding.


The Emergency course includes approximately 1.5 hours of elective content, while the Standard course includes about 7.5 hours.
In total, there are 18 elective lessons:


1.    Medical conditions (diabetes, convulsions, asthma, allergies).

2.    Child resuscitation.

3.    Infant resuscitation.

4.    Two-rescuer CPR.

5.    Automated external defibrillation (AED).

6.    Secondary survey.

7.    Bone and joint injuries.

8.    Head, spinal and pelvic injuries.

9.    Chest injuries.

10.  Wound care.

11.   Multiple casualty management.

12.   Rescue carries.

13.   Eye injuries.

14.   Burns.

15.   Poisons, bite and stings.

16.   Heat and cold illness and injuries.

17.   Emergency childbirth and miscarriage.

18.   Artificial respiration.



Duration: 2 days.

Language options: English and French.


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